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First Visit

45 mins $150

First office visit for new patients includes an in depth case history, appropriate orthopedic testing and imaging recommendations, if necessary, to best analyze your condition and create a plan of care tailored just for you!

Rountine Office Visit

15 min $50

After your first visit examination is complete, Dr. Davis will review her findings with you and create a plan to restore your health. These visits will consist of a short recent history and spinal palpation, and an adjustment to correct your misalignments for that day.

New Canine Patient Package

30 min $150

First visit with your family pet will be offered as a 3 visit package to allow time and encourage healing that will be visible by the owner. During these visits, Dr. Davis can, if necessary, travel to you and take a case history and complete a thorough exam, revealing the misalignments that your pet has, and thus adjusting them appropriately.

Routine Canine Visit

15 min $50

A per visit price for Dr. Davis to check your animal, assess and correct their spinal misalignments after initial new patient package has expired.

New Equine Patient Package

1 hr $300

This service is offered as a 3 visit package for new equine patients and includes an in depth case history, spinal examination and chiropractic adjustments. Dr. Davis will travel to your location to analyze and adjust your horse as needed!

Routine Equine Visit

1 hr $100

Per visit price that included Dr. Davis traveling to your horse, assessing and correcting their spinal misalignments after the new patient package has expired.

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